When thirty-something Asma’ speaks, we listen. Or maybe it’s because she discovered our holy-grail product that showed her results like nothing before (thank you Liquid Gold). But this Malaysian beauty isn’t only serious about her skincare game; gut health and general wellbeing take a front row seat in her everyday life. Asma’ is determined to make ageing a beautiful, positive thing.

This interview is part of our ‘Lessons in Loving Your Skin’ series, where we sit down with friends of Alpha-H to understand what ageing authentically really means to them.


Give us a little insight into YOU; where are you right now, what are you doing, what are you passionate about.

Ola! I’m Asma’ from sunny city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In case you guys don’t know, I love just about the same thing any thirty-something year old woman loves; traveling and figuring out how to look twenty-something again.

I’m currently working on my biggest project yet as I’m in the midst of launching my own company. It’s both exciting and utterly nerve-racking. Most people here assume I’ll be developing my own fashion line as I’ve worked in that industry for ten years, but I’m thrilled to enter into a whole new industry. Something that feels natural for me to speak about; health, beauty and wellness. I love it when I feel my best self, and this is what I want to help people do so they can live their best life.


Tell us about your earliest memory of looking after your skin?

I think I was seven or eight. I used to go in my mum’s bathroom, take her cotton pads, drench them in water and place them all over my face and my sisters. Does that count? Lol. I remember it feeling good on my skin.


Was there a defining moment or product that changed your approach to skincare for good?

I actually only started having a proper skincare routine about a year and a half ago. And the product that really opened my eyes was Liquid Gold. I had never used a product that showed me results as quick as that. I felt it and I saw it. So that’s when I knew you can get positive results once you find the right chemistry between your skin and a product.


Drink lots, eat well, wear SPF and just love yourself!


How has your approach changed to looking after your skin from a bright-eyed teenager?

It’s all about understanding what my body is going through at my age now because it shows in my skin. After going through lots of trial and errors with products, I believe ‘less is more’, and keeping my skincare routine simple and efficient (with product that works) shows much better results.


What does “ageing authentically” mean to you?

To not go against our body’s natural course. Sometimes there’s such a negative connotation to the word ageing, when it’s actually such a nice thing! I feel like my mum got more beautiful as she aged. It’s all about understanding what your body and skin needs and giving it that. Be mindful of what our body is capable of, eat well and be in tune.


When you are looking to add a new product to your routine, what changes do you look for in your skin?

The texture first and foremost. Do I wake up with a plump and smooth texture, and then with time I look for visual results.


Why is keeping and maintaining hydration in your skin important?

I can only speak from experience. When I stay well hydrated both with water and with added topical products, my skin definitely feels softer, and more importantly, more resilient. It heals faster, it’s not flaky and my under eyes are less swollen. My eye bags are always the giveaway. Leaving our skin dehydrated definitely encourages premature ageing and makes ours skin more sensitive. So if there’s one thing to focus on if you’re confused about skincare and health, it is maintaining skin hydration.


When you think of Hyaluronic Acid, what comes to mind?

Hydration, hydration and locking in more hydration.


What is something you wish every woman knew about herself?

That she can never be anyone but just her true self. That she is different and has different needs to another woman.


Take us through your routines – what Alpha-H products do you reach for or elements of your routine you must follow (i.e. double cleanse with a cream cleanser, serums every second night, etc.)


I love jump starting my skin with the Balancing Cleanser in the morning. I usually like to leave it on while I brush my teeth and wash it off with warm water. My skin feels so soft and plump, which is the best prep before I layer on anything else.

Then recently started my routine of 2 pumps of the Hyaluronic 8 Serum for an added boost of hydration.

Lastly, my can’t live without everyday staple; Protection Plus Daily SPF 50. This is such an underrated product because it helps lock in the serum and works as an amazing primer for my makeup to come.



Double cleanse at night with the Balancing Cleanser. And keeping it simple and efficient with the Liquid Gold every alternate nights. I don’t layer on anything else after because I’ve really been trying to keep in line with less is more.

On nights I don’t use the Liquid Gold, I hydrate my skin with Essence Water. It’s impactful and gentle on my skin.


Skin is more than just…

A measure of our beauty. I like to think of it as an indication of our overall health. It’s like a heads up for us to know how happy our insides are.


You can connect with Asma’ over at @asma.nasa. Her approach to everyday life is always a breath of fresh air with positive conversations around skincare and more. P.s we can’t wait to see what she has in the works with that big project!!