Mum. Mummy. Mom. Step-mum. Mother-in-law. Mother figure. No matter how you say or spell the word, or what adjectives go with it, mothers of all varieties are the salt of the earth.

For Beauties celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May, here’s what the ladies of Alpha-H HQ will be gifting their mother figures this year, and why.



I bought my Mum a bottle of our Vitamin C a few months ago and she is already begging me for more. She is actually horrible at following a skincare routine, so I was a little shocked she stuck to applying her Vitamin C serum every morning. For this Mother’s Day, I’m going to throw together a little package with her favourite choccies (Cherry Ripe and the red Lindt balls) and Vitamin C to say ‘thank you’ for all the big and little things she’s done for me over the past 25 years!

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My mum decided a few years ago that she doesn’t want to be given “things” anymore and told me that if she couldn’t eat or drink a present, she didn’t want it. Courtesy of this, she now has quite the collection of alcohol which I’m starting to think I might need to help her with. How awful! So rather than giving her another bottle of Frangelico, this year I’ve decided to give her a facial. Not one done by a therapist in a salon though. I’ll be following our pamper routine for her while we enjoy some time together at home and work on reducing that alcohol collection a little.

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How do you give something to the woman who is capable of helping you with every “adult” decision no matter how trivial or serious they may be? Whilst I would love to be able to shout her a trip to Italy so she can drink her favourite wine amongst the vineyards, this year I will have to go with something a little more accessible. So, to our favourite café we will go on Sunday morning where we will drink coffee and catch up on life. Then I will top her up with her fave skincare products like Hyaluronic 8 Super Serum and Beauty Sleep Power Peel, and maybe I will throw in a Protection Plus Daily SPF50+, as somehow mine has disappeared.

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My sister is mum to two beautiful kids; as a result, she’s quite time poor! While her skin is still great at the moment, she is getting to the age when she really does need to start looking after it a little more. To help her out with this, I’m going to be gifting her some of my favourite Alpha-H products which will give her maximum results for minimum time and effort! The pack I’m creating for her for Mother’s Day includes Balancing Cleanser, Liquid Gold and Protection Plus Daily SPF50+.

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As my mum has a long commute to get to and from work each day, she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on herself and a complicated beauty routine when she gets home at night. For this reason, I’m going to be gifting her our Beauty Sleep Power Peel. I think it will be the perfect option to maximise her sleep time by turning it into a restorative facial.

Beauty Sleep Power Peel



Each year my family puts together a beautiful long lunch to celebrate Mumma! This year, to complement the lunch, I will be gifting her with a voucher to our Alpha-H salon here on the Gold Coast so she can have a little ‘me’ time. In all honestly, it’ll probably be the first hour this year that she’ll be able to have some serious peace and quiet without all of us nagging her.

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My mum is very active and still goes for long walks along the Broadwater on the gorgeous Gold Coast every day! She is also a sun lover, and always has been. For this reason, so she can happily get her Vitamin D fix but still protect her skin, the Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ is what I will be gifting my lovely Mum.

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This Mother’s Day I’d love to treat my mum to our luxurious, limited edition Liquid Gold Rose. Lovely and feminine with a delicate rose scent, it adds something special to one of our all-time favourite products. And of course I’ll be pairing it with a glass or two of crisp rosé for us to enjoy together!

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This year will be my daughter’s first Mother’s Day, so as a little treat I will be gifting her a Five Piece Sampler Kit consisting of no fuss multi-tasking must have’s. (Life is busy with a newborn!) I’ll be including the following products, all of which are safe for pregnant/breastfeeding mammas.
Balancing Cleanser – Cleanser, toner, makeup remover in one
Micro Super Scrub – Fabulous for exfoliating the face and body alike
Absolute Eye Complex – A cooling and soothing hydrating eye serum to help reduce the appearance of tired (no sleep) eyes
Essential Hydration Cream – A light, hydrating transitional day / night cream
Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ - Day cream and sun protection in one. Perfect for those walks with the pram!

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