Tell us about your career journey

I’m the Director of Rosewell, a modern sex care and intimacy brand. I founded the business with two partners in late-2019 with ambitious goals to make sex care products accessible, ungendered and simple. My background is in finance and property marketing, and I study Law, so a huge industry shift! I wanted to contribute to the progression of an industry that has hardly moved over the past couple of decades. I think an outside perspective has helped with that and been one of the most important elements of building Rosewell.


What are you most proud of in your career?

I’m proud of starting an entirely new one with rosewell. A consumer brand is dynamic, always changing with your community, and I’m proud of how quickly I’ve adapted and learnt. On a personal level, I’ve always been proud of the beautiful relationships I’ve built with incredible, caring, compassionate people.


Biggest challenge in your career?

Prior to rosewell, I worked in male-dominated industries, often one of the few women in the room. At times, it wasn’t just difficult to assert myself, but get other young women in the room. I’ve made it a promise to myself that with every hire we make, rosewell will focus on creating safe, equitable environments. It’s also been a challenge to learn balance - for Rosewell’s first year, I held two jobs, freelanced, studied and was working on the brand. I have a new-found appreciation for the value of time, exercise and sleep.

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image

What role did other supportive women play in your career progression? 

Very early on in my career, I worked for some incredible women, real powerhouses. All of them took the time to invest in me, be a soundboard and offer unwavering encouragement. I’m also fortunate to have long term friendships with women who have been running high-pressure businesses that have been here every step of the way with rosewell, and their support is the reason I’m here right now.


How has gender equality in the workplace changed over time?

I think there’s a growing recognition that it’s not just women and non-binary people who need to stand up for gender equality. More and more men are finding their voices, trying to push down the invisible barriers. I am grateful for the men I have worked with who are taking on the responsibility. But we still have a long way to go.


Which Alpha Values resonate with you most and why? (Awareness, Authenticity, Attitude, Ask, A-Team)

Awareness - when working with sex, intimacy and connection, it’s crucial to know how individuals will be impacted by what we say, do and create.

Authenticity - embracing vulnerability as individuals and as a brand means sharing who we are and choosing to be transparent with whatever that is.

Ask - most people want to feel supported, and to help others. This element of our humanity comes out when asking for help, advice or knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask and to share when you can.