Having shed some 95kg to completely transform her body and her life, Simone Anderson is nothing short of inspirational. She chats to us about the importance of hydration, confidence and looking after the health of both your body and skin.

This interview is part of our ‘Lessons in Loving Your Skin’ series, where we sit down with friends of Alpha-H to understand what ageing authentically really means to them.


Give us a little insight into YOU; where are you right now, what are you doing, what are you passionate about.

I am in a point of my life where it is all happening for me, I have just got engaged to the man of my dreams, we are in the middle of wedding planning and have just purchased our first home. My career is taking off and I have never been busier, but I have also never been happier. Right now I am passionate about creating helpful and fun content for my online family!


Tell us about your earliest memory of looking after your skin?

I remember mum purchasing me a cleanser and a toner from the supermarket at about 13, when I first started to see little spots appear. I remember feeling so grown up and loving arranging them in my bathroom.


Was there a defining moment or product that changed your approach to skincare for good?

My defining moment was hitting 25 and starting to see my first little line appear, it was here I decided I wanted to make looking after my skin a priority. This is when I started to invest in beauty treatment and product.


If there was one piece of skincare or beauty advice you’d give to your younger self, what would it be?

To drink water, lots of it! Hydration is key to skin health.


How has your approach changed to looking after your skin from a bright-eyed teenager?

It certainly has. I do a lot more research into the products I put onto my skin and invest a lot more. I only get one body and health and I want to look after it.


What does “ageing authentically” mean to you?

To me it means being true to my own values and beliefs whatever those may be. As humans our thoughts and perceptions are constantly changing but what matters is that we stick to what matters to us, and don’t let others’ opinions affect our own,


When you are looking to add a new product to your routine, what changes do you look for in your skin?

After losing nearly 92kg, my number one must have is something that will fill and plump lost life in my skin. That’s where Alpha-H’s new Hyaluronic 8 is a dream product for me!


Why is keeping and maintaining hydration in your skin important?

It keeps you looking so much more fresh faced and youthful.


What is something you wish every woman knew about herself?

That confidence is the number tool any lady can have in her beauty bag. If you are confident, your inner beauty shines through.


Take us through your routines – what Alpha-H products do you reach for or elements of your routine you must follow (i.e. double cleanse with a cream cleanser, serums every second night, etc.)

AM: Cleanse, then Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser.

PM: Double cleanse, followed by Essential Hydration Cream or Liquid Gold.

Hyaluronic 8 every 2-3 days


Skin is more than just…

Physical. It lives and breathes and we must invest time and effort into it for the best long term results.


You can follow Simone’s inspirational journey on her Instagram @simone_anderson.