When it comes to topically applied vitamins, Vitamin A Retinol is an undisputed key player in age defying skincare. Knowing how to effectively introduce it into your regime however is imperative to success with more plus more not necessarily equaling a better result. 

Read on to learn more about this powerhouse ingredient and to understand how best to introduce it into your regime no matter what stage of your skincare journey for maximum results. 

What are the benefits of topically applied Retinol?

Retinol encourages an increase in skin renewal, stimulates production of the skins supportive proteins and works to improve hydration levels, helping to smooth and firm the complexion whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.  

Topically applied, Retinol can also help minimise the appearance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, balance excess oil production and help stem the occurrence of unwanted breakouts and blemishes. 

I have heard that Retinol may cause my skin to feel a little dry and become flaky is this true?

Topical Vitamin A may sometimes have a temporary drying effect as the skin adapts. This is due to metabolic processes within the skin and is completely normal and generally settles down within 2-3 weeks of application. If you do find your skin a little drier than normal, applying non active, hydrating, and occlusive moisturisers on alternate evenings can help build resilience and help counteract any temporary uncomfortable dry feeling. It is also recommended to begin with an entry level Retinol such as the Alpha-H Vitamin A Serum, which is a slower, gentler introduction to Retinol allowing it to be applied regularly and without unnecessary trauma.  

In addition to 0.5% pure Retinol, Alpha-H Vitamin A Serum contains a blend of natural antioxidants and skin-compatible emollients including Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to help fortify the skin’s natural barrier and help minimise any potential dryness or irritation. 

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When should I think about adding Retinol into my regime?

Your twenties are a great time to start adding Retinol to your evening regime. It is around this time that the skin’s natural turnover cycle and the production of skin supporting proteins such as collagen starts to slow down. Introducing Retinol at any stage post twenties, however, is also beneficial, it is never too late to add retinol into your regime to start boosting your skin’s performance.  

How often should I apply Retinol when starting out?

When introducing Retinol, we always suggest starting low and going slow. Alpha-H Vitamin A serum has been formulated at a percentage high enough to achieve visible results yet allow frequent use without the associated downtime of higher formulations making it particularly good for those new to Retinol as well as those accustomed to topical Vitamin A who are looking for a product to apply regularly that it also suitable to use in conjunction with other actives or exfoliants.  

Start by applying the serum 1-2 nights a week. After your skin is responding favourably, frequency of application can then be increased to each alternate evening. If you do experience any adverse side effects reduce the frequency of application until your skin is able to tolerate a more frequent application.  

*Retinol is not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding 

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