Let’s face it, ageing is inevitable. So you may as well do it authentically.

To celebrate the launch of our new Hyaluronic 8 Serum, we sat down with a few lovely friends of Alpha-H to understand what ageing authentically really means to them, and how their approach to skin and skincare has changed over the years.

Getting an inside look into the beauty routines of others is always an insightful experience, but more so, to see how not too dissimilar other skin journeys are, the certainty of wrinkles and why hydration above all else is the elixir of life.


Elle of Bambi Does Beauty is here to embrace crows feet

Founder of the 'less is more' Instagram blog, Bambi Does Beauty, Elle is passionate about empowering her audience to embrace their natural beauty. At 15, she realised that scrubbing her face with apricot kernels wasn't the epitome of great skincare, and now some ten years on she is taking a more simplistic, educated approach to caring for her skin and loving the process wholeheartedly.

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Asma believes "our skin lets us know how happy our insides are"

When thirty-something Asma speaks, we listen. Or maybe it's because she discovered our holy-grail product that showed her results like nothing before (thank you Liquid Gold). But this Malaysian beauty isn't only serious about her skincare game. Gut health and general wellbeing take a front row seat in her everyday life, and she's determined to make ageing a beautiful, positive thing.

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Hannah English on 'making sunscreen fashionable'

You'd be mistaken to think Hannah is any old "beauty blogger". A scientist by day working in clinical research, she is on a serious mission to make sunscreen fashionable; and rightly so. Learning the products and ingredients that resonate with her has been a journey, and along the way she has built a personal ethos around what connects most with her skin and how she is able to truly feel herself.

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Motherhood and skin, Jem Juthamat reflects on ageing authentically

Jem has sworn-off using a body bar soap as cleanser for good. Not just because #mumlife happened (her words), but because she learnt about how AHA's and Hyaluronic Acid can evolve skin health. Whether you have a 10-step routine or perform a simple cleanse day and night, good skin has to be more than just the products you choose to put on it; it's about being healthy, staying hydrated and getting your beauty sleep.

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