16 Expert-Approved Ways to Use Liquid Gold All Over for *Even* Better Value

16 Expert-Approved Ways to Use Liquid Gold All Over for *Even* Better Value

In This Article:

  1. What is Alpha-H Liquid Gold?
  2. Glycolic Acid Benefits
  3. Expert Tips
  4. 16 Ways to Use Liquid Gold

Glycolic Acid might just be the most talked-about skincare ingredient right now.

Or at least, it is on TikTok.

It isn't new; the exfoliating AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) has been the hero of our best-selling Alpha-H Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment for decades.

Only now, people are finding more ways to make their money go further by turning to such multi-use beauty products.

From your face to your feet (yes, really!), keep reading for 16 ways to use Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

But first, let's quickly recap what Liquid Gold is, and why TikTok is obsessed with Glycolic Acid's many skin benefits.

What is Alpha-H Liquid Gold?

  • Liquid Gold is a one-step exfoliating treatment for naturally fresh, glowing skin
  • Award-winning formula has 5000+ glowing 5-star reviews
  • Known as a 'miracle in a bottle', Liquid Gold has been a cult favourite for decades among dermal therapists, skin experts, beauty editors and everyday people!
  • This at-home product is clinically proven to improve skin tone and luminosity, skin texture and skin elasticity

Glycolic Acid Benefits for Skin

OK, but why is TikTok so obsessed with Glycolic Acid all of a sudden?

Short answer: You'll see visible results, and fast!

When dead skin cells build up on the skin's surface, it can make your complexion look and feel dull, rough, dry and uneven.

Glycolic Acid works by dissolving the bonds holding those dead skin cells together.

This clears the way for fresher, plumper skin cells to come to the surface.

The result? Skin that appears bright, smooth, fresh and healthy.

Check out just a couple of our Alpha-H Liquid Gold before and after results below!

How to Use Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Now, let's get into 16 different ways you can use a chemical exfoliant like Liquid Gold.

Note: Here are a couple of expert tips (and words of warning) to keep in mind...

  • Take everything you see on TikTok with a grain of salt - everyone's skin is different!
  • Always patch test active skincare before use, as the skin on your body and scalp is different to the skin on your face
  • Ensure you're applying an adequate amount of a high-protection, broad spectrum sunscreen every day, but especially after using a resurfacing product like Liquid Gold

If you experience any irritation from exfoliation, stop and go right back to basics (cleanser, moisturiser, SPF)

16 Ways to Use Your Exfoliant

1. As your at-home exfoliating treatment.

This is the original way to use Liquid Gold!

Saturate a cotton pad and swipe over the skin up to three times a week, then leave on overnight to wake up with fresh, glowing skin.

Expert tip: If you don't use cotton pads, a few shakes into the palm of your hand pressed directly into the skin works, too.


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2. On the backs of your hands.

Trust us, you're going to want to swipe your Liquid Gold cotton pad over the backs of your hands once you've finished your face.

Why? Because not only is the skin on your hands thinner (meaning it can appear more dehydrated than the skin on your face), but it's also highly exposed to UV damage.

This can lead to premature ageing signs like pigmentation, dark spots and wrinkles.

3. Over the neck and décolletage.

Repeat after us:

Skincare stops at the nipples.

Just like your hands, the neck and décolletage are highly-exposed areas, so bring your Liquid Gold and sunscreen down to the chest to prevent signs of ageing.

4. On your... armpits.

Yes, this is one of those more interesting Glycolic Acid TikTok skincare trends.

Exfoliating your armpits can be helpful if you experience ingrown hairs or uneven texture.

But some - including board-certified dermatologists - suggest Glycolic Acid may reduce odour-causing bacteria.

Expert tip: Avoid applying product directly to skin after shaving, as this can cause irritation.

And forego anti-perspirant or deodorant at your own peril...


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5. To reduce the look of Keratosis Pilaris.

Chicken skin, also known as Keratosis Pilaris or KP, is super common.

Good news! It's relatively simple to manage.

Applying a chemical exfoliant like Liquid Gold to affected areas like the backs of arms and legs can smooth the skin and reduce the look of red bumps.

Don't forget to use sunscreen, wear protective clothing (like a chic linen shirt) and seek shady spots.

6. Prepping skin before applying self tan.

Ever painstakingly fake tanned your entire body, only for it to look patchy in certain places?

Self tanning products will cling to and look more obvious on dry areas.

The solution: Use your exfoliant to prep areas like the elbows, knees, armpits and ankles 24-48 hours before self tanning for a streak-free finish.


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7. As fake tan remover.

Regular self tanners know your fake tan result is only ever as good as the skin underneath.

Modern self tanning products usually fade fairly evenly, but sometimes, you'll find colour hangs around in patches on dry skin areas (like knuckles, wrists, and ankles).

Glycolic Acid is really great at removing the dead skin cells hanging onto stubborn self tan remnants.

Simply hold a cotton pad drenched in Liquid Gold onto affected areas before gently rubbing.

Rinse off, or follow with a body oil to nourish skin, too.

8. To stop foundation looking dry and patchy.

This tip comes straight from Melbourne-based makeup artist Hilary Holmes.

She swears by prepping skin with a Glycolic Acid-based liquid exfoliant before applying any makeup products if you want a flawless foundation finish.

"It leaves your skin so much smoother, makes it look more radiant, gives you a gorgeous fresh glow, and stops cakey-ness," she adds in her TikTok video below.

Expert tip: Always follow with a hydrating sunscreen like Alpha-H Alpha-H Total Eclipse Mineral Sunscreen SPF40 to keep all those new skin cells plump and juicy.


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9. To prevent ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs from shaving are another common beauty problem that can be easily prevented with regular exfoliation.

Aside from your hair texture and curl pattern, clogged hair follicles from dead skin cells are one of the main causes of ingrown hairs.

Regularly swiping a liquid exfoliant over areas of skin you shave (face, armpits, bikini line) will give hairs the best chance of growing back safely.

Expert tip: Avoid exfoliating the day of or after shaving to minimise irritation.

And always seek medical advice for persistent or infected ingrowns.

10. On cuticles for an at-home manicure.

If your cuticles dry out and become flaky, this tip is for you.

Before bed, run your already saturated Liquid Gold cotton pad over your cuticles before following with a cuticle oil or nourishing hand cream.

Cuticles will look brand new after a few days!

You can also use an exfoliating scrub if you prefer the feel, suss out how in this video below.


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11. A strawberry legs solution.

Strawberry legs or strawberry skin describes black spots that appear after shaving that resemble black spots on a strawberry.

Think of them like the blackheads on your nose, but on your legs!

Trapped oil and dead skin within hair follicles and enlarged pores darken in colour when exposed to air - this is called oxidation.

Not to sound like a broken record, but an easy way to reduce the look of strawberry legs/strawberry skin is... exfoliation.

12. On dry heels for soft, smooth feet.

Sorry, but you haven't lived until you've exfoliated your feet with Liquid Gold.

Rub a generous amount of your liquid exfoliant over each foot - avoiding any cuts or open skin - then follow with a thick layer of moisturiser.

Chuck on some socks, go to sleep and wake up with baby soft feet.

Honestly, it's the easiest way to soften and smooth dry heels, without scrubbing your soles off.


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13. For butt-ne (or bumpy backs of thighs).

Maybe you spend a lot of time sitting down for work (or while watching TV). Maybe you hang out in your workout tights all day.

There are lots of reasons the skin on your bum and backs of thighs might be textured or uneven.

Regularly exfoliating with a Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid treatment in the shower or on dry skin afterwards can help.

14. The 'lip basting' technique.

Coined by Pillow Talk Derm aka dermatologist Dr Shereene Idriss, lip basting is a two-step lip prep technique.

If you want to wear a red lip colour or matte lipstick, get a few drops of Liquid Gold on your finger and gently run over the lips before applying any makeup.

Follow with a thick layer of a lip balm or treatment, and let your lips marinate while working on the rest of your face.

Wipe off any excess product and enjoy super smooth lips.

Expert tip: Don't try this if you're prone to cold sores, or have any broken skin around your lips, because it will sting like hell.


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15. To triage a brow tinting disaster.

We're rounding out this list with two slightly unorthodox (but kinda interesting) Liquid Gold uses.

The first comes from our Education Manager LeeAnne Leslie.

If you ever leave your eyebrow tint on too long, or you come home from the salon with hectic-looking brows, you can soften the colour with a gentle swipe of a liquid exfoliant.

Expert tip: If you've had your brows waxed, plucked or threaded too, you'll need to wait a day or two to avoid irritating the skin.

16. On a flaky scalp.

Look, this viral TikTok exfoliation hack is a bit risky for anyone who colours their hair...

But if you're game, you can try massaging a few drops of a Glycolic Acid treatment into the scalp to break down dry skin flakes.

Apply to dry hair and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing out and shampooing in the shower as usual.

There you have it - 16 legit ways to make your bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold even better bang for buck!