Acid-packed, science-backed skincare from Australia

We are Alpha-H, the global experts in exfoliating acids.

Our award-winning formulas have been tried and tested for 27+ years, delivering clinical results at home for all ages and skin concerns.

Clinical Results, At Home

More than two decades ago, our cult Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment bridged the gap between clinical treatments and at-home skincare.

This global best seller was originally designed to extend the results achieved from in-clinic peels.

From there, Alpha-H was built on creating transparent formulas anchored in clinical expertise.

Today, our approach to results-driven skincare is simple:

1. Cleanse – to ensure skin is prepared, not stripped, for our active ingredients to penetrate deeper and work harder.

2. Exfoliate – to reveal skin that looks and feels smooth, clear, plump, even, fresh and radiant.

3. Protect – and maintain skin function through hydration, barrier support and sun protection. Because a healthy skin barrier means you can continue to exfoliate skin and achieve the clinical results Alpha-H is famous for.

Think Exfoliation, Think Alpha-H

Did you know our skin’s natural shedding process slows as we age, leaving dead skin cells on the surface that can cause dullness, congestion and uneven tone and texture?

At Alpha-H, we believe exfoliating is an essential part of skin health and wellness - no matter your age, skin type or skin concerns.

Why? Because it helps your skin to keep doing what it does naturally, only faster.

Not only will your other products work harder (why waste them on dead skin cells?), but exfoliation is the secret to naturally fresh, glowing skin.

Giving Back, Bottle by Bottle

Female Founded & Supporters of Women

Alpha-H has a long-standing partnership with Australian grassroots charity Support The Girls. 

We also founded The Encoreship, our ground-breaking initiative providing employment opportunities for women+ facing challenges returning to the workforce or pivoting careers after an extended period away.

Sustainably Minded

Sustainably powered by the Australian sun and supporters of local native extract growers, we’re also proud members of 1% for the Planet.

Alpha-H commits 1% of all sales of our cult Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment to Women in Ocean Science, a non-profit organisation tackling gendered issues in marine science and conservation.

Our Founder’s Legacy

“You have to get skin out of its comfort zone." - Michelle Doherty, Founder of Alpha-H.

Our late founder Michelle Doherty was driven to create Alpha-H by her own experiences with chronic acne in her late teens and 20s.

Michelle pioneered the use of Glycolic Acid in skincare when other brands weren’t, taking exfoliating acids from the clinic to the home more than 27 years ago.

Speaking to the power of Liquid Gold, she said, "When you create that controlled and measured sensation at skin’s lower levels, your skin self heals and becomes more resilient."

"It's like setting the reset button. You can't do that with fluff and puff that just sits on the surface of the skin.”​

See the Alpha-H difference for yourself. Thousands of glowing 5-star reviews can’t be wrong.