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Liquid Gold:
The proof is in the performance

Clinical results and thousands of five star reviews worldwide.

In 2021 we commissioned an independent Clinical Trial of Liquid Gold, and these were the results:

Skin elasticity improved by 93%

Meaning the skins ability to stretch and snap back to it’s original shape improved by 93%, reducing saggy texture and fine-lines. 


88% of people saw an improvement skin tone and luminosity

Meaning 88% of people saw that their skin was more radiant and even toned.


88% of people saw an improvement skin texture

Meaning 88% of people saw increased smoothness and a reduction in uneven texture.


96% of people found the tolerability of Liquid Gold to be good to excellent 

Meaning most participants found their skin reacted well to the product.


*8 week study with 28 participants

Alpha-H Skincare image

Globally, Liquid Gold has received over 3,000 five star reviews

The Reviews

“This literally perfected my skin 100% in TWO weeks! I had been struggling with constant chin break outs and uneven skin. My skin has never looked better at this point.This is a miracle product” – Cait, Sephora


“This stuff is magic - seriously. I have never used a product and seen immediate results. My skin (which is problematic, sensitive, acne prone, red - to list a few issues) when I use this stuff is transformed. I have seen such an improvement in my texture, complexion and pores. – Jenn, Sephora


“My skin is obsessed with this toner. It's just the right amount of exfoliating and truly keeps the surface of my skin squeaky clean and glowing. I choose this toner above all others, time and time again. A constant repurchase!” – Maidson, Lovely Skin


“This is one of my holy grails. I put it in the evening with no cream afterwords and next morning my face just shines in the best possible way you could imagine. Far superior product to many similar kind of ones that claim to do the same. I just cannot praise this one enough” – Irma, Cult Beauty

Alpha-H Skincare image

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